We are Santa Fe's first Whole Carcass, Farm Direct, Producer-owned butcher shop.
All of TRBS meats & products are 'Farm Direct' - this means ONLY the very best local & regional producers are offered at TRBS.

The Real Butcher Shop is a Farm Direct butchery & charcuterie café, specializing in all organic heritage meats, including organic pasture raised poultry, grass-fed/grass-finished beef, pork, lamb and buffalo.

We carry Heritage breeds such as Red Devon, Blue Belgian, Red and Black Angus Beef; Berkshire and Red Wattle Pork; Northern New Mexico Shepherd's Lamb and our very own Pollo Real's French Label Rouge and American Cornish Cross Chickens, Heritage Turkeys, Muscovy Duck, and Pintade (Guinea Hen).

In addition, The Real Butcher shop provides Pollo Real eggs, in-house handmade bone stocks & soups, vegetarian Farmer's market soups & stocks, in array of in-house chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and beef sausages; Charcuterie specialty items such as pates, terrines, prosciutto, ham and salami's; as well as, but not limited to, smoked and cured meats including bacon, pastrami, turkey and chicken. We will also provide organic raw pet food to ensure that ALL members of your family are happily fed and healthy!

C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) You can become a part of our unique community by joining as one of our CSA Members to continue supporting the growth of the first full line butcher shop and charcuterie in Santa Fe, NM. The TRBS CSA Members will also take part in providing jobs for their community while ensuring the livelihood and survival of small family farms, which produce the highest quality of humanely raised animals. CSA Members receive their membership discount on ALL products the shop offers; receive advance announcements of in-store specials and new items featured; private invitations to TRBS exclusive tasting parties; the opportunity to give input on recipes, take-out meal menus and cafe menu items; and the first opportunity to attend specialty classes offered at the shop.

The Real Butcher Shop family looks forward to feeding you and your family the best tasting real food from our farms to your table!

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Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday 10:00am- 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm Sunday -Closed

for questions or comments contact us here:

The Real Butcher Shop Contact 907 West Alameda Santa Fe, NM phone: (505) 780-8067 email: realbutchershop@gmail.com

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